29 Sep

It may only have been two days since my last day off, but when you spend about 12 hours in work, four of those in a training session on something you don’t really grasp the basics of, except for the bits on Excel, a day off cannot come quick enough.

Luckily, tomorrow is such a day off, and it’s a day that will be made the most of, with a 3 hour lie in. It sounds drastic, but that only means my alarm will go off at half 8 as opposed to 5:20am. 

Oh, what a life. And a life that’s changing again soon, thanks to my getting off my bum to join a gym, and actually lose the weight I’ve been saying I will for years. The stairs at work now are a good starting point, but there’s a long way to go, especially if I can get into the yoga and cycle classes I want to as well. 

Promise I won’t turn into a gym bore though. 


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