Bake Off.

27 Sep

I was true to my word yesterday. I was up (by 9am, which is early as far as I’m concerned) in order to make breakfast for us all, because I am a wonderful daughter.

I then went straight back to sleep after we’d finished eating because any Sunday off, when I don’t have actual plans, should not really be spent out of bed before midday.

Then this afternoon was spent baking plenty of cakes for Mum’s Macmillan coffee morning at school tomorrow, because, as I will continue stressing, I am a wonderful daughter.

Once everything was done, I then spent 20 minutes with my hand under cold running water, because I decided that taking a wire rack out of the oven with the hand that wasn’t holding a towel was a good idea. It was not. I managed to burn my fingers, because I am an idiot of a daughter. Thankfully, it was my left hand, which means I’m still fine for texting and all the other various thing sI use my right hand for.

It’s mostly my pride that’s hurt, and at least I now know that I can pull off all the crimes I had been hoping to do whilst the skin on my fingertips heals.


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