A Gert Lush Time @LushPlymouth.

15 Sep

So on the 28th of August, I was invited to my favourite shop in the world for an event celebrating a load of exclusive products from the Oxford Street store being brought into smaller stores, and brand new products being launched too.

It was Lush, if you hadn’t guessed already. From where I’m sat in my room, I can see four Lush bags, and I know for a fact that there are at least another two elsewhere in the house.

Basically, I spend an obscene amount of money in there, (not just on myself, because I like to treat other people just as much) so I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to have the most exciting kind of lock in that I could imagine.

The night started off pretty ruddy excitingly, as we all got given an iconic black Lush pot with our name on to use as cups. Honestly, I almost lost my shit at this, joy wise, so the next two hours were pretty damn perfect.


Here’s where I’m glad that my name online is actually my name.

When I have a house of my own, I'm having a fully stocked ice bar.

When I have a house of my own, I’m having a fully stocked ice bar.

After having a bit of a chat with all of the other bloggers at the event, we gathered round to have a look at the first lot of products, which were all for the feet.

The wonderful thing at these kinds of events is that you get a chance to get hands on with the products (or should that be foot on? No. Poor pun work.), but it was a case of everyone getting a bit sleeved out at the thought of getting their feet out even to try the brand new stuff, so it meant that Eleesha (one of the Lush staff members) could have a bit of a pampering session courtesy of Assistant Manager Ben.

Foot Soak and Fancy Free (£3.95) is a foot soak made of epsom salts, scented with lavender and chamomile – pop it into a bowl or bucket full of warm water, pop your feet in and sit there for as long as you possibly can, and you’ll be relaxed and soothed with very little effort.

Next up was Pumice Power (£3.10), a creamy pumice filled soap bar which will help to slough away any dead skin from your feet, and leave them feeling incredibly soft and smooth. The orange oil makes them smell divine too.

Pumice Power - £3.10 per bar

Pumice Power – £3.10 per bar

Go Faster Feet (£6.95/100g, £13.95/250g) is a foot lotion which has a base of Moringa Oil (which I’ll come to later) and is scented with lemongrass, meaning that not only does it leave feet moisturised (and not greasy), but smelling lovely and fresh, an issue that a lot of us are plagued with when it comes to feet. Softy (£6.95/100g, £13.95/250g) is another foot lotion that has marshmallow root and lavender to help soften any hard skin, and really treat tired feet. Talking of treats, Twinkle Toes (£5.95) is a foot powder that has GLITTER in it. Naturally, I was exceptionally excited, thanks to my love of all things sparkly. I was basically a magpie in a former life – attracted to shiny things. Bay, Bergamot and Geranium give this a gorgeous, fresh and floral scent that helps to deodorise your feet, and keep them sweat free. Excellent news.

Between each main set of products, we were treated to a demonstration of some of the new bath bombs.

The first was The Experimenter (£3.95) – so many colours swirling together at once was pretty mesmerising. I kind of zoned out whilst Tori was telling us all about it, and it wasn’t because I was bored, it was because I was focusing on the glitter and the multicoloured magic that was happening in the metal bowl directly in front of me. When the vanilla and tonic bean fragrance started filling the air, I was absolutely smitten.

The Experimenter. Ooooh, ahhh.

The Experimenter. Ooooh, ahhh.

Once the bowl of joy was wheeled away, it was onto the new lot of hand products.

Salted Coconut (£7.95/100g, £13.95/250g) got me incredibly excited. I’m not normally a fan of hand scrubs, but this one? Well. Considering that one of my favourite Gorilla Perfumes of all time is Furze (£10.00/10ml, £20.00/30ml) with its heady coconut and vanilla scent coming from the gorse, I couldn’t NOT love Salted Coconut, which is also fragranced with that self same gorse. When applied to damp hands, the sea salt allows all of the dry, dead skin to be scrubbed away, leaving hands feeling smooth and smelling amazing. I just wish it was more socially acceptable to go around getting people to smell your hands.


Salted Coconut – I have never wanted to put a Lush product in my mouth more.

The second hand product was Golden Handshake (£2.95/20g), which is a Hot Hand Mask, something which I had never heard of before, but was excited to learn about.

I'm fairly sure that Ben saw the light whilst rhapsodising about Golden Handshake. The camera doesn't lie...

I’m fairly sure that Ben saw the light whilst rhapsodising about Golden Handshake. The camera doesn’t lie…

Basically, you stand the mask upright in a bowl or pan, then cover it with hot water. The solid mask will melt over the course of about 10-15 minutes, and when you use the stick to stir it, you’ll be left with a thick, creamy hand lotion. Apply to the hands and leave to soak in for as long as you can. I recommend using this time to catch up with whatever you’re watching on Netflix, then rinsing it off once the episode is over.The avocado oil in this will leave your hands feeling really pampered.

Golden Handshake - £2.95

Golden Handshake – £2.95

And if your hands still don’t feel pampered enough, there’s Love and Light (£7.95/100g, £13.95/220g), a really light hand cream scented with neroli and orange oil, which smells like an absolute dream, and goes on link one too, thanks to the cocoa butter.


If you’re like me, you’ll equate mint with feeling utterly fresh and clean. You’re in luck, fresh and clean bath bomb fans, because Intergalactic (£3.95) is not only scented with peppermint and grapefruit oils, but looks INCREDIBLE. Also: popping candy. Ridiculously cool.

I mean look at what Intergalactic has done here, it's insane.

I mean look at what Intergalactic has done here, it’s insane.

I’m so excited to try this in my bath at home, but I’m not sure that I’m actually going to be able to get into it, for fear of ruining all the pretty patterns. I think this is going to be amazing in the winter when I’m suffering from my 7th cold of the season. Fun fact: This bath bomb was based on the film Guardians of the Galaxy, which I still have yet to see.


Oh, Lush. You really are spoiling us.

Yoga Bomb - £3.95

Yoga Bomb – £3.95

Yoga Bomb (£3.95) may look fairly plain and unassuming on the outside, but don’t let that fool you. Because once you drop this baby into the water, you’re in for a brand new bath bomb experience. I say that because most of them immediately do their magical/glittery/colourful thing, and your excitement wears off after about three minutes.

Yoga Bomb - Stage One

Yoga Bomb – Stage One

Yoga Bomb is a slow burning bath bomb, because after a little while in the water, the orange is suddenly overtaken by the most beautiful lilac and turquoise colours I’ve ever seen in a bathing situation.

Surprise, everyone!

Surprise, everyone!

Also, it smells amazing thanks to the sandalwood.

We’d done feet, we’d done hands, next up was the face. I was EXCITED. I like putting things on my face a lot, so when Lush bring out something new, I am bound to sit up and pay attention.

First on the list was Cup O’Coffee (£6.50/150g, £12.00/325g) an exfoliating mask, which can be used on the face and the body.

Ho-ly-moly. It smells incredible. I don’t even like coffee that much (I’m a bit sensitive to caffeine and try to avoid the stuff if possible) but this mask is so divine that I can’t not love it. Hey, I’ve even got it on now as I’m typing up this blog, which is a clear indictment of its brilliance. Also, despite me having skin that is prone to flare ups, as long as I don’t use the mask more than three times a week, everything is good, and smelling like someone dumped several sugar packets into an espresso, something I need desperately in my life at the moment.

Next, joining the fresh face mask family is Don’t Look At Me (£6.50/75g), a bubblegum blue face mask that smells like lemons, grapefruit and neroli, which is ideal, because that’s what goes into making this mask ideal for brightening your skin and toning it too.

Finally, we were properly introduced to Magical Moringa (£28.00/75g). It’s a curious beast, this moisturiser – not a cream, or a liquid, but a kind of solid balm in the pot, that, when rubbed with the fingertips, turns into an oil which is then applied to the face. Because of the added cornflour, the moisturiser doesn’t leave tour skin feeling greasy or oily, it actually leaves the skin feeling very matte, but with a decent slip. Concealers and foundations go on really nicely over the top, and as the moisturiser acts a little like a primer, you have to touch up throughout the day a lot less. Yes, the initial price is pretty high, particularly for a Lush product, but you have to use the smallest amount to cover the entire face – you’d be looking at a thumbnail sized amount to do that, so the pot is going to last you a really long time.

Anybody who knows me even a little bit will know how much I love Lush hair products, particularly as I use their henna to colour my locks, so getting introduced to their brand new Hot Oil Hair Treatments was just that, a treat.

There are three options to choose from, depending on what your main hair concern is. Damaged (£6.50/20g) is designed for hair that has been over processed, colour wise, or has possibly had one too many blow dries, leaving it a little dry and crispy. Kinky (£6.50/20g) is for girls who are blessed with gorgeously curly hair, who want to take the frizz out, but get left with silky hair that has the perfect amount of bounce. Finally, Tangled (£6.50/20g) is for people who have maybe sworn at their hairbrush once or twice for just not doing its job properly. If your hair is prone to knotting and breaking as soon as you put a styling tool in its field of vision (yes, I am anthropomorphising hair, stick with it), then this is the hot oil treatment for you.

Damaged (top pot), Kinky (left hand pot) and Tangled (on the right) are pretty brilliant.

Damaged (top pot), Kinky (left hand pot) and Tangled (on the right) are pretty brilliant.

All three work in exactly the same way as Golden Handshake does – pop the treatment stick upwards in a black pot or bowl and add hot water until it covers the block. Leave for five or so minutes and let it melt, until it has the consistency of a fairly thick hair mask. Apply it to dry hair whilst it’s still warm so it can penetrate the hair shaft a little easier (same principle as when I’m using henna, as it helps to activate all the ingredients), and leave it on for around 20 minutes, then shampoo out. Simple as that!

The final bath bomb we were shown was Frozen (£3.95).

You think it looks good here, but...

You think it looks good here, but…



Yes, I like the film, I am not ashamed to admit it. The bath bomb is something else though. It’s got incredibly fine silver and white glitter particles (now’s probably a good time to mention that Lush no longer use plastic glitter, which means we still get all the sparkly benefits without the environment suffering) which don’t look unlike tiny, tiny snowflakes on the skin, and the water gets turned the deepest shade of blue I’ve seen from a bath bomb yet, Grapefruit, rose and neroli oil leave the skin feeling incredibly soft and smelling amazing.

Once the show and tell section of the evening was over, we got the chance to do something impossibly exciting, for me at least. All of us were given a basket that included Pumice Power, Cup O’Coffee and Magical Moringa to take home and try for the bumper price of no money at all. But my jaw was not done dropping, and my excitement level was not done rising, because we were then told we could each choose one of the Hot Oil Treatments, one of the new Bath Bombs and one of the new Shower Gels as well.

It took every ounce of strength to stay professional and not squeal my way round the shop, but somehow I managed it. After chatting to Tori, Ben, Maeve and Eleesha, I finally made the tricky decision of what I wanted to take away with me, and I eventually chose the Tangled Hot Oil Treatment, the Don’t Rain On My Parade (£4.75/100g, £9.50/250g, £15.95/500g, £27.50/1kg) shower gel and the Intergalactic Bath Bomb.

Everything in this store just looks so perfectly presented. I think if it was legal to marry a shop, I would be writing to management ASAP.

Everything in this store just looks so perfectly presented. I think if it was legal to marry a shop, I would be writing to management ASAP.

If you thought one Intergalactic bath bomb was pretty, try looking at an entire box of them and not falling in love.

If you thought one Intergalactic bath bomb was pretty, try looking at an entire box of them and not falling in love.

I don't think I've ever had a more exciting basket at Lush, and I've had a lot of Lush baskets in my time.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a more exciting basket at Lush, and I’ve had a lot of Lush baskets in my time.

I also picked up a couple of bars of Copperhead Solid Shampoo (£5.75/55g), because it’s my absolute favourite shampoo, particularly when used in conjunction with the Rouge Henna (£9.25/325g, £34.95/1.5kg) and they’re making it an online exclusive, so as I was in the shop, I thought I might as well buy them because I’d only end up going in a day later and get them anyway.

After we were all done chatting about Lush (basically my favourite thing to do in the world), it was time to bid a fond farewell to everyone, and head on home, where everything is just a little less sparkly and headily scented.

We all look pretty happy, and who can blame us? Photo ©@LushPlymouth

We all look pretty happy, and who can blame us?
Photo ©@LushPlymouth

I have to say a massive thank you to all of the staff at Lush in Plymouth, particularly Tori, Ben, Maeve and Eleesha who absolutely made the night, and thanks to the other bloggers I met that evening, who made me feel very welcome at my first proper Blogger PR Event.


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  1. lucieleannexo September 20, 2015 at 2:55 pm #

    Looks like such a lovely event! I’m from the south west too and didn’t realise these kinds of events actually go on around here. I’m obsessed with the Frozen bath bomb and also the comforter shower cream. LUSH have really taken it to the next level with their new products xx

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