Blood, Sweat and Tears.

14 Sep

All dealt with by me today, and not all of it mine.

(That sounds worse than it was.)

1. I spent a good 45 minutes this afternoon cleaning up some blood in store, which meant I got to use the term biohazard much more than the average customer assistant. Whilst an exciting change of pace, it was a real test in my ingenuity to move things and touch things without actually using my (gloved) hands to do so. And if someone tells you to watch where you’re stepping because there’s blood on the floor and you’re wearing open flip flop style sandals, maybe don’t brush them off and tell them you’re not worried, because believe me, the person warning you is VERY concerned.

2. Turns out that when two humans share a bed, it gets very warm, very quickly. Uncomfortably so, to the point where you have to put a fan on despite it pouring down with rain outside. Duvets are definitely not for the use of couples in September – sort your advertising, bed shops. 

3. A guy from Maplins must have thought something terrible had happened this afternoon, as I sat waiting for a lift home with tears rolling down my face. The cause? A really strong wind blowing directly at me, causing my eyes to water incessantly, and my phone almost get blown out of my hand several times. Luckily it stopped raining just as I left work, so I didn’t look like an upset drowned rat. Silver linings. 


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