Good Advice. 

9 Sep

Note to self: Always take painkillers and drink water before bed if you’ve been drinking (no matter the number of units), particularly if you’re working in a store with a lot of stairs. If you don’t, you will really regret it about half an hour into your shift. 

Things were touch and go for a bit this morning as it turns out that stairs + a little bit of alcohol still making its way through your bloodstream + a very warm shop is a recipe for almost disaster. Luckily, I got through, thanks, in part, to some ginger biscuits. I just need to remember that I’m not the same girl I was in 2012, who couldn’t handle her booze, but didn’t have responsibilities so she could stay in bed all day sleeping off a headache. I’m now a woman who (still) can’t handle get booze, but now has to get up at 5:30am in order to not be an arse to the general public come 8:30am. 

Responsibly irresponsible. That’s my new sub-title, and I think it’s going to stick. 


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