Going Home.

20 Aug

So my time working in Salcome has come to an end. 

I had an extremely lovely time in the shop by the harbour, but I won’t miss the hour’s drive to work, and the 5:30am alarm, and nor will my Dad, as he’s been an absolute diamond through all of this, running me to and fro without a grumble. This does mean I owe him massively though.

My favourite thing about getting to spend those extended journeys with my Dad is the knowledge of where my penchant for singing along loudly in the car to every song on the radio came from, and where my really specific knowledge of song intros started. It all came from him.

Also, I have never laughed so much as when the Sat Nav says to do one thing, and without missing a beat, Dad just goes “nope”.

“Turn left.”


“Continue on for 1000 feet.”


“You have reached your destination.”


That last one was in unison on Tuesday, because we were just in the middle of a road and I could not see the store at all.

I’m looking forward to getting back to Drakes Circus on Saturday, but right now I am just excited to be setting my alarm for tomorrow at 10am, as I’ve nothing to do except roll out of bed, get dressed, pop into town and then go out for dinner with a very lovely young man.

Pretty peachy life, I can’t deny.


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