Piece Of Cake.

19 Aug

As well as the nice weather in Salcombe (except for today, when I spent most of my time today mopping the floor), I have also discovered that having an amazing sandwich shop 30 seconds away from the store I’m working in is nothing short of the best thing ever.

Particularly when you can buy lunch before you start, avoiding the usual dinner time rush.

I treated myself to what might have been the best bacon sandwich I’ve ever eaten, and got a slice of red velvet cake to eat during Bake Off. Which I did. And I’m pretty sure the thing was bigger than my face. It was as painful putting that into MyFitnessPal as it was sweet on my teeth, but I think I deserved it.

It’s certainly a different lunchtime experience to the nibbles that I would ordinarily choose.

I’m basically using these few days in Salcombe as a bit of a summer holiday. It’s been nice, but in looking forward to getting back home to my Plymouth store this weekend. 


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