Beside The Sea.

18 Aug

Having my alarm go off this morning at 5am was, in no uncertain terms, absolutely horrendous. 

When you have to drive an hour to get to work, you have to somewhat psyche yourself up, and get to a point where you’re not shouting at birds to fuck off. 

Thankfully, it happened with relative ease today, and I’m fairly sure it was down to having really lovely surroundings.

Lunch breaks at work are normally spent in the canteen, with nothing but a window decal on the wall, eating something out of a Graze box.

Today’s lunch break was spent looking out on the harbour, with a freshly made BLT on thick white bread. 

And this was the view.  

How ridiculously lovely. 

Less lovely was the wasp that was insistent on joining me, to the point of sitting inside my handbag for 10 minutes. It took all my bravery to not hurl it straight into the water.

Even getting caught in traffic on the way home was gorgeous.

I’m making the most of it as it’s meant to absolutely piss it down tomorrow.



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