10:30 – 16:30.

16 Aug

Today was one of those work days that makes you realise just how lucky you are to work with the people you do, and how much you’ll miss people when they’re going to leave.

In a few weeks, two of my very best work friends are leaving (to move on to super exciting things), but it feels a bit like I’m losing two left hands. (In this convoluted scenario, I have two left and two right hands, just to clarify.) Retail strikes me as a place that can be tricky to have work BFFs, but I’ve managed it several times over, meaning that I probably made as many close friends through working as I have done in my non-working life. It’s a pretty good ratio. When someone does leave, despite it being absolutely the best thing for them, especially when it’s for amazing life opportunities, it hurts a bit more than if Audrey from accounts is moving on, but you’re not quite sure if she’s the blonde with the glasses who always gets into the lift just before you, but never holds the doors, or if she’s the brunette who offered you half a box of chocolates on her birthday, after her recent ex sent her several boxes, despite her being lactose intolerant. And you never want to get those two confused. 

I think what I’m saying is that if you’re doing a job where you care enough about the people you work with to check in on them when they’re away on holiday, then you’re doing pretty well. 


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