Shake That Thing.

31 Jul

So, today was odd at work. 

On two separate occasions, I put my hand across my till in order to take a basket of items when the customer assumes that I’m reaching out to shake their hand in a greeting. 

The first time it happened, the two guys looked at me a bit oddly, and one said “I thought you were going to shake his hand, and then I would have said it was amazing customer service” and then we all laughed it off.

But the second time?

The customer actually took my hand and shook it, when I had to awkwardly tell him that I was actually trying to take his shopping so I could scan it through. It was then that this guy (admittedly, very attractive) turned on the charm and flirted with me harder than I have ever been flirted with before. Telling me that he was shocked that a beautiful girl was introducing herself to him was very nearly laughable, but I just about coped. It was undeniably lovely, and I turned a shade somewhere between my lipstick and my hair, which is impressive if you consult the following photograph:

As someone that doesn’t tend to get that sort of attention, it took me by complete surprise, and it was even better to think that I was getting paid to be there. 

So Handsome American, if you happen to find this blog, thank you for brightening my day, and in fact my week. It was much appreciated.


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