Solo Dating, On My Own.

30 Jul

I took myself out this afternoon to the cinema to go and see Inside Out.

I was so unprepared for the ugly weeping I was doing through most of the film.

Here are some tips for those of you yet to see it:

1. Take tissues, and have them easily accessible. You will knock everything onto the floor trying to get one out at the necessary moment else.

2. If you wear make up: Choose waterproof mascara. I can’t stress that one enough. Also, take blusher/bronzer/powder in your bag, so you can cover over the tear trails across your cheeks.

3. Choose to dress in dark colours. If you wear a grey marl shirt, the whole front will just be a damp patch, and you’ll have to turn the shirt around in the toilets after the film just so people don’t think you’re unable to drink things like a grown up.

But seriously. The tag line really should have been: UGH THE FEELS.


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