Tuesday’s Your Winner.

21 Jul

Today has been a GOOD DAY.

I’ve been productive, and actually gotten shit done, which is nothing short of a miracle.
I’ve been organising my finances (which really was much overdue), I’ve been going through my external hard drive, to sort through all of the recovered files from when my computer imploded earlier in the year. Turns out that my all photographs and music weren’t lost forever. They’re actually squirrelled away across 1000s of folders which I have to go through one by one. It’s the smallest pain in a sizeable ass, simply because it’s helping me relieve a lot of my time at University, and really making me question why I took quite so many pictures of myself in 2014. Horrific and vain, if we’re being truthful here. I’ve also just finished playing the first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series, because it was on sale. IT IS EXCELLENT. Even if Danny did spoil it for me with an ill timed text 20 minutes into me starting it saying “Poor [Redacted, because I’m not a twat.]”, basically telling me that someone was going to die. So that was less than ideal. I can just about forgive him though, because he’s taking me to see some owls tomorrow and I’m very, very excited.

I *was* supposed to be going to the MTV show on the Hoe, but this was a much better offer. Nobody would seriously choose Little Mix over alpacas and hedgehogs.


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