With Compliments.

12 Jul

I am awful at taking compliments. When I say that, I don’t just mean that my face turns a vivid shade of crimson and I shy away from whoever is bestowing one upon me. I mean I get kind of angry about it. 

It’s ludicrous. 

I’d rather tell someone to shut up, than just say thank you to someone for liking my shoes.

This issue has become a real…um, issue in the past week, particularly since I’ve had my hair cut. Whenever anybody has said they like my hair, I automatically self sabotage and think “Oh. My hair has evidently looked like total shit for the past 8 months. Brilliant.” But I know that’s not true. 

So I’m setting myself a challenge. For the next month, I am going to accept any compliments given to me gracefully and politely. There will be no rebuttals, no telling people to shut up, no head shaking and no avoidance of eye contact. Hopefully it’ll be a much more positive month than usual.

(Just wait, no compliments will come my way until August the 13th now.)


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