Lacking A Lion And A Witch.

11 Jul

I honestly don’t know how it happens. I just accumulate stuff. This stuff then appears to breed, and lead to a wardrobe that is literally bursting open.

I googled “how many of each clothing item should I have?”, but even that seemed unhelpful, particularly the woman who had 124 tops in her pared down wardrobe. HOW IS THAT PARED DOWN? I’ve gone through all my drawers and my wardrobe, and filled two big black bin bags with clothes that I don’t wear any more, or won’t wear any more, or make me cringe a bit when I think about a time I wore them.

It’s to me still being unable to shut my wardrobe door, and the slightly sickening knowledge that there’s a vacuum packed load of old clothes under my bed and another load of clothes inside one of those “hidden” storage boxes, this particular one is holding my wardrobe door closed.

So…I guess the moral here is…don’t buy so many clothes? Or at least get rid of them at regular intervals as opposed to having something of a nervous breakdown at 24 over a dress.

(On the upside, I found my straighteners, which is why the tidying was happening in the first place, so now Dad can’t make remarks similar to those he made on Thursday, along the lines of “oh, can you not do your hair like your hairdresser did it?”. Just wait until I straighten a crease into my fringe first thing tomorrow. Just wait.)


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