Troubles Far Away.

10 Jul

So the train companies tried their very best to ruin our trip to Exeter yesterday but they FAILED.

Ha ha ha. Etc. 

Basically, last week I had an email telling me that my dear friends Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry were doing previews of their Edinburgh Fringe shows in Exeter. It was an opportunity I wasn’t going to pass up, and I took a bit of a risk by asking Danny along as well. 

The risk paid off, thankfully. It was bizarre. I’d spent the whole day getting worked up and nervous about Crosby and Tom meeting Danny, for some ridiculous reason, but it went splendidly. 

Before we’d even gotten to the theatre we spent a couple of hours wandering round Exeter, and realising that because both of us have friendly resting face strangers will happily strike up a conversation with us apropos of nothing. Shout out to the lady outside Patisserie Valerie and the other lady inside a fast food establishment who both chipped in to the conversations Danny and I were having. And also the woman sat in front of us on the train to Exeter who helped us out when neither of us could remember the French for something like “it is too expensive”. She piped up out of the blue, but did stop us from being frustrated all day. 

We also spent about 45 minutes in the Exeter Lush shop (don’t tell me I can’t do dates properly) chatting away to the staff, and discovering that there’s some sort of Moustache and Beard Championship in Plymouth on August the 1st. We are attending. Naturally. 

But I can safely say that Crosby and Tom’s previews were wonderful. It was nice to have a little sit down with both of them before their shows and just have a bit of a catch up. It did make me even sadder that I’m not going to Edinburgh this year though. 

It’s safe to say that Danny passed this extremely tricky test, so congratulations to everybody. 

(Also, hey. Look at me talking kind of openly about dates and stuff. It’s only because I wanted to check that Danny was fine about it before I mentioned him, and he is. So that’s ace.)


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