I Don’t Like It, I Love It.

7 Jul

The last text I sent before I went into the hairdressers this afternoon ended with ” And I’m pretty good, thank you. I’m making the most of these few days off by doing nothing in particular, bar going to the hairdressers this afternoon. Nothing drastic, mind.”

The very next text I sent simply said “I lied. It was a bit more drastic than I originally anticipated.”

In the time between getting onto the bus and sitting down in front of a well lit mirror, I’d gone from wanting nothing more than a trim to deciding to get a lob with a blunt fringe. 


My head feels so light! And I feel the need to swish my hair like a cape every time I turn my head. 

I do need to get a small army of new hair products, brushes and tools in order to keep it looking tip top, mind. And some sun cream for my neck, which hasn’t been exposed to the elements like this for a good few years. 

I’ll probably hate it by Monday. Just you wait. 


So...what do you think?

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