I’m Not Crying.

6 Jul

I’m lying in bed and I’m getting my face rained on. 

I could get up, take one step forward and shut my window, but that’s too much effort. Equally, I could throw my curtain across my window, but I’m quite enjoying the slightly orange glow coming into my room. 

Long story short, on this day off, the smallest of tasks just doesn’t want to be done. 

The plan of staying in bed for most of my day, watching Netflix was incredibly successful, and something I plan on replicating tomorrow, except for when I’m popping out to get a much needed hair cut. I deliberately put my nail scissors away so that I wouldn’t be tempted to take a “tiny bit” off my fringe, as we all know just how skewed my perspective of small things are. Eh? Eh, everyone? EH?


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