What a Day. 

4 Jul

What a ridiculously busy day. 

I’ve really spanned the complete gamut of human emotions, ranging from stressed out crying this morning to an inability to stop smiling this afternoon thanks to a really lovely second date. But let’s not jinx that, hey?

The most irksome thing today however, was when a guy felt it appropriate to shout “well that’s not very ladylike!” at me from across the street just after I’d flicked the V’s at a taxi driver who’d almost hit my gentleman companion and I when we were trying to cross the road, because he’d not been indicating to turn the corner, nor was he actually looking at the road, but behind him. 

It was more surprise than anything that stopped me from doing more than cheerfully replying “well he did nearly run us over” as opposed to storming back across to them to get them to clarify exactly what they thought I should have done in that situation to be more “ladylike”. Thankfully, my gentleman companion (he’s not a paid escort, just to clarify.) shared the boiling hot ball of rage in the pit of my stomach, and we diffused the situation by doing what we always do – cracking jokes about women being in the kitchen as opposed to crossing roads, or their issue really being that I was showing my ankles off, albeit in tights. 

Fuck that guy though. I’m not going to stand back and not challenge it in the future. I’d implore you all to do the same, for all of our sakes. 


So...what do you think?

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