Warm Front, And Back, And Sides.

30 Jun

Well thank goodness yesterday’s bee issue was dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

I say that because I’ve had my bedroom window open all day and it’s still going to be tricky getting to sleep, considering how muggy it is. It’s odd. It’s super breezy outside, but none of it seems to be getting in. I’d be tempted to open my window completely, but I’m loathe to wake up at 3am with an owl perched on my chest (which is highly likely, as I hear one all the time as I’m drifting off) because I’ll panic and all hell will break loose. 

If the weather tomorrow is anything like today, I’m going to have to just cover the small of my back with antiperspirant, to avoid the dreaded dampness that comes from working in what is essentially a greenhouse (being on a till next to a thick glass wall in a shopping centre that has a thick glass roof) wearing a 100% polyester tunic. 

I’ll leave you on that extremely attractive image. You’re welcome. 


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