Covered In Bees/No Not The Bees.

29 Jun

So if you missed all the drama earlier, we’ve got bees. Or…had bees.

All I did was go up to the bathroom, only to be greeted by about 10 of them furiously butting their heads against the window. Cue a panicked “Dad? Dad. Dad. DAD.” “What?” “There are loads of bees in the bathroom.” “Oh Crikey.”

What followed was an hour full of bees and ladders, and bees, and bits of fabric, and bees, and phone calls to the council, and bees coming out from under the bath, and acrylic wall filler and then no more bees.

My skin is crawling just thinking back to it all, and despite it being ridiculously humid this evening, I’m loathe to open my window lest what sounds like a pissed off lawnmower heads straight for my orifaces during the night. 



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