Worst Aid Kit.

24 Jun

As a self confessed MASSIVE HYPOCHONDRIAC, it’s really handy to have a parent who works a lot with first aid.

As a doting daughter, I went in to help Mum with sorting a stack of first aid kits, but before I even got anywhere near a pack of moist (vomit) antiseptic wipes, I managed to splash some boiling water over myself as I was putting some tea in.

I was was pretty much fine, but Mum used my idiocy to teach me a lesson about being a total knob: Don’t Do It.image

I MEAN LOOK AT THAT. It was the smallest splash of water, and I’ve had to go round with a huge plaster on my finger. I dread to think what people think I’ve actually done. The little ruched bit by my nail makes it look like Georgia O’Keefe has had a go with sticking plasters as opposed to stretched canvas, and it’s making me feel a bit uncomfortable to look down at my hand and think “oh, there’s basically a vagina on my finger.”



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