All The Thumbs Pointed Upwards.

18 Jun

Oh my lord. Today was the most fun day I’ve had in a really long time (not including trips away to London/Cheltenham/Wales).

I went on a date, and it was ridiculous and brilliant all at the same time. 

I won’t give you a complete account of the afternoon, but just know that we got to go on a boat potentially seeing some nudist kayakers, and then we both got overexcited by a lady who was just casually walking around with a hawk on her arm, to scare away the seagulls. Lots of other fantastic moments occurred, and I’ve laughed more today than I have in ages. 

Pretty much every topic that “experts” deem unsuitable for first dates was covered, as well as a lot of things that just should never be discussed ever, particularly in public. 

It doesn’t even bother me that I’ve managed to get sunburn on my nose and chest, thanks to the slightly unexpected glorious weather. 

I’ve got a good feeling about this one. 


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