Mediate and Meditate.

16 Jun

In a week’s time, the exams will all be done with, barring the 11+ in a few weeks. 

It’s been an interesting experience.

I’ll not miss being in a room that smells faintly of old trainers and plastic flooring. I’ll not miss having to get up at 6:30am. I’ll not miss having to shout at people because they’re being too loud. 

But I will miss having time to reflect on things.

It’s weird. The fact that you’re stuck in an exceptionally quiet room for a few hours a day, with no real distractions or contact with the outside world means that you end up wracking your brain in order to make your own entertainment. 

I like to play situations and choices out to their natural conclusion in my imagination, and it’s actually been incredibly helpful. I’ve had a lot of stuff  on my mind over these last few weeks, and overseeing exams has afforded me the time, and the peace and quiet, to make decisions that will benefit me hugely, and haven’t been made too rashly. 

For all the time I’ve spent bemoaning silence, I might have to make room in my day from now on to just go sit on my own and think about what direction my life is actually taking. 


So...what do you think?

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