Hear Ye, Hear Ye.

14 Jun

Let it be known that today was the day when my Mother was WRONG. 

She point blank refuses to admit that she was, so I’m outing her the only way I know how. On my not very popular personal blog. 

The story isn’t that interesting, but the fact that I was the right one in the situation is. 

Basically, I was putting the leftover potatoes from dinner tonight into a Tupperware container. Mum told me to find a lid for it. I did. As I was clipping it on, she told me it was the wrong lid. I searched through the mass of mismatched Tupperware lids but found nothing that fitted except for the lid I’d had at the start. Mum got frustrated, took the lid off me and put it back in the pile. She rummaged through the lids, sounding annoyed before eventually selecting a lid. It didn’t fit. Neither did the next one. We were straying dangerously into glass slipper territory. Finally, she settled on a lid that fit. It was the same lid I’d used in the first place. She refused to acknowledge this, which was immensely frustrating. 

So there you go Mum. I was right. You were wrong. 

Love you. 


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