Training Day. 

3 Jun

I am sat on the train, heading towards Cheltenham. It’s really weird to be going back, I won’t lie, particularly as it’s to do radio stuff in the exact studio I cut my presenter teeth in all those years ago (3).

I’m also using the Wi-Fi on the train, which yes, did cost me £3, but when it means I can actually send emails and check the 11 Facebook notifications that have been bugging me since 10am, it really is a small price to pay.

I’m also using it as an excuse to borrow some ideas from gameshows and other podcasts for our one on Friday, which I’m sure you’re not fed up of hearing about yet. Obviously we’re going to credit everyone because we’re not arseholes, but it’s still a bit frustrating that we didn’t think of the ideas first. 

Also, I forgot to bring my sunglasses, so I’m being forced to use the train sun blind, which nobody has ever used for any reason except to give a sneaky handjob to someone without anyone else noticing suspicious movement in the reflection.

For more of those sorts of insights, tune in overnight on Friday. Everything else has to be a lot more PC.


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