Gonna Go Back In Time.

2 Jun

I’ve got a full day of work tomorrow and then I have to catch a train to Cheltenham. I have not packed a single thing despite us having to leave the house at 7:45am. 

Long time readers of this blog will know that this is not an irregularity by any means. 

My evening was actually spent looking through a big box of school work from when I was 5. I had an awful lot of sass, as when my teacher asked a question like “who is that pretty girl” (when I had drawn a self portrait) my response was a very blunt “it is me.” I’m glad that I dropped the sass so much, it wasn’t a good look. 

I look forward to having my own children and watching them sass their own teachers with responses to pictures of various childhood fun things. 

I also found a bit of writing that talked about an early memory of being a child and getting chased by some angry calves (the baby cows, not the leg bits) that my 24 year old self isn’t sure ever existed. Even as a young child I was seemingly exaggerating my life for comic effect. How sad. 


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