Slip and Slide.

30 May

If there was ever a less dignified position to be found in at work, it is when you’re cleaning suntan oil off a floor whilst another colleague wipes your shoes down with nail varnish remover to stop you from going arse over tit into a shelf of after sun. 

That’s how I spent about 20 minutes of my shift today anyway. 

I’ll never say that my job isn’t varied.

As for this evening, I’ve spent most of it in my room hearing the rain hitting my window whilst I listen to this year’s Wychwood FM broadcast. It’s very strange not being there considering it’s been my home for the last three summers, but alas, everyone must move on at some point, and I’ll be back doing radio stuff at the end of the week with the Big Podcast anyway, so you will be utterly sick of me wanging on about it soon enough. 


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