One On One.

20 May

I played Episode 2 of Life Is Strange tonight and now my heart hurts. Ouch.

It probably wasn’t wise to spend this evening alone in my bedroom, particularly when most of my day was spent with single people doing exams. 

That’s the thing they don’t tell you when you sign up. It is DANGEROUS. 

You end up navel gazing something terrible. Your mind wanders back to all sorts of strange things. And they’re not the things that your mind zones in on when you’re trying to sleep, the times when you’ve made an arse of yourself. They’re really mundane things. Conversations you’ve had randomly, the same refrain from one single song, the name of the guy you went on a date with who wouldn’t stop talking about his previous Sub/Dom relationship (still can’t remember it, though it’s on the tip of my tongue. The name. Not him, for the record.) despite me never bringing the subject up.

This is what happens when you’re not allowed to do anything in a room except try not to stare too much at the person doing the exam, lest everyone feel really awkward about the whole situation.

If I’m really lucky, by the end of the exam period, I’ll be able to reel off the “notices for candidates” poster from memory.


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