Life *Is* Strange. 

19 May

When you’ve lived a bit of your life as an 18 year old girl, then a game whose main protagonist is an 18 year old girl is incredibly appealing. 

When it’s a game in which the 18 year old female protagonist can rewind time and avoid potentially terrible consequences in the short term, but create something horrendous in the long term it’s even more interesting. 

Step up, Life Is Strange. I’ve only just discovered it today, when the third episode of the series (of five) has been released, but it’s an incredibly curious thing. 

I’m someone that wept over Telltale’s The Walking Dead games because it was such a new experience to see my choices actually having tangible consequences that meant that my experience was so different to that of anyone else I knew who played it. 

But even though the two games (The Walking Dead, and Life Is Strange) are, at their heart, extremely similar, in that the gameplay is based more on dialogue than action, but I’ve found that whilst playing The Walking Dead I was focused on what was best for my protagonist in whichever season I was playing (look at me being nice and spoiler free). Zombies meant that I needed to protect myself, or those that were in my care.

In Life Is Strange, however, I find that my choices are a lot less selfish. I actually think about how one action is going to impact on the lives of other people who may seem a little more removed from Max, the protagonist. Even the rewind feature is curious, in as much as any decision made will have a consequence, but I worry that I won’t know until it’s too late that I’ve made a terrible, terrible choice.

If you like the sound of that, then go and download the demo of Life Is Strange, play it, and come back to me. We have a heck of a lot to discuss. Also, The Walking Dead game is genuinely one of the best games I have ever, EVER played, and I’ve never felt like my heart was being crushed as much as I did at the end of the first season. So if that’s your bag, then go get that too. It’s on offer quite a lot, but I would happily pay above the odds for it.


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