1006: Surprises!

13 May

My my, what a busy day. 

In work for 8, back out at 3:45, trip to the garden centre at 4, then the theatre tonight. 

You have no idea just how much I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon’s already scheduled post-lunch nap. Actually, if you read these posts regularly enough, you’ll know that it’ll most likely be the highlight of my day, particularly because my tailbone is giving me grief whenever I sit down or stand up (ideal), so lying on my memory foam mattress is genuinely the best thing for it.


I went and saw Every Brilliant Thing tonight on a heck of a lot of recommendations, and I’m incredibly glad I did. It was a really great piece of theatre and storytelling, as well as a masterclass in non-awkward audience participation (spoiler alert: I played one half of a revolving piano stand). The show has inspired me to start my own list of brilliant things, and I’m feeling confident that it’ll be a good project to keep going, particularly as I’d already gotten to 50 things before the bus reached my stop. 

I would seriously recommend that a) you go see Every Brilliant Thing when it tours somewhere near you and b) start your own list, because it’s enlightening what your mind flicks to first.


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