Sympathy Pains.

11 May

I found out the thing that they left out the exam invigillator advice pack.

“If you’ve been in education recently, then any invigilation role will cause you to get stressed and a bit panicky. Sweaty palms may be a side effect.”

Seriously. It was horrid. My muscle memory kicked in as soon as the candidates sat down, and I couldn’t stop worrying for them all. I did want to tell them all that exams really aren’t the end of the world, and if you do badly it doesn’t matter. I mean, look at me.

I didn’t do too well in my AS levels, so I went to College to study Media for a couple of years. I applied for University, was accepted. I deferred. I worked in marketing for a charity during that gap year. Then spent three years at University studying Radio Production somewhere that I loved, with people that were amazing. I graduated with a 2:1 at the end of last year. Exams, or rather, failing exams got me to where I am now*, so there is always another path.

*The less said about the £24,000 student debt, lack of a high enough salary to pay back said debt and fact I’m living back at home with my parents at the age of 24 the better though. They need to have SOME hope. 


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