Hair Envy.

25 Apr

The main thing that I am taking from my continued binge of Once Upon A Time is hair envy. (Don’t get me started on everybody’s fake eyelashes.) If it’s not a fancy regal up-do, it’s a plait that’s been messed up to a perfect level thanks to questing through an enchanted forest.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve learnt that my fringe is now just long enough to plait, which sounds mad, but will come in handy next time I’m away from my shampoo for a couple of days. 

Speaking of which, my Machfest plans are woefully…unplanned. I’ve not booked my trains yet, I still need to go and get a tent and my sleeping bag is somewhere in the house. Or the shed. I think. The idea was to pop out today to sort things, but then it started raining and my duvet and Netflix just seemed a much more tempting option than looking like a bedraggled rat.


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