Run From Your Life.

24 Apr

I understand that running away from your problems never works. 

Even if you’re Usain Bolt after several chicken nuggets, those problems are going to catch up with you, and you’ll wonder what the point of running in the first place was.

Saying that, I’m doing my level best to get as far away from finding out my Grad Scheme outcome as I can. All I know is that at some point in the next four weeks, I’ll know what direction the next portion of my life is heading.

Waking up late, putting my phone onto aeroplane mode so I can’t receive calls or emails, hiding all my notifications when I am online, I’m attempting it all. Heck, I’m almost thrilled that Machynlleth barely has any mobile signal, because for the six days I’m there, I will be pushing it to the very back of my mind. Until someone inevitably asks what I’m up to now, when I might have a bit of a cry on them. Let this be a fair warning, friends. 


So...what do you think?

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