Blogs For Hire.

23 Apr

So this time next week, I’m going to be in a tent, in deepest Wales, catching up with a group of people that I mostly get to see only once a year.

Yes, the Machynlleth Comedy Festival is mere days away, and as always, I am woefully underprepared. 

In my world, mainlining Once Upon A Time (by the time I go to bed tonight, I’ll have finished Season One. HEY AMERICA, FANCY MAKING YOUR SEASONS A BIT SHORTER? THANKS.) is the preparation that I seem to have stuck myself on, and that’s great but it’s not helping me track down the sleeping bag that is somewhere in the house. It’s not helping me go and get a tent that I can actually put up myself. It’s also not helping me round up a few people to write blogs for me whilst I’m away.

I’m actually considering putting the blog on hiatus unless one of you reading fancies taking on the task. Or maybe you have a friend with an interesting story to tell? Or maybe not interesting, but very different to me. I like to give you lot something interesting to read at least once a year, and it seems churlish to waste an opportunity like this.

I mean, do let me know sooner rather than later if you fancy blog sitting. You can help yourself to anything from the fridge. 


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