Pack Horse.

18 Apr

Shout out to the few ladies that got in touch to say that they also go sans bra from time to time. I salute you.

It’s a Saturday night and I am packing my suitcase. Actually that’s not true. I’m taking things OUT of my suitcase because I have an awful habit of overpacking for any given trip. 

Basically, I’ve got to go back to Nottingham tomorrow for my rescheduled graduate scheme assessment. “But Zoe!” I hear you cry over the sound of the Wombats’ new album “don’t you have work tomorrow?”. Very good, stalker reader. I’m working until 2, then getting the train to Gloucester. Then a bus to Birmingham. Then another train to Nottingham. It’ll be utterly joyous, I’m sure.

I will be in Nottingham for a total of 20 hours (6 of which I’ll be asleep for), so I am doing my best to just pack one outfit, the one for the interview, but I’m really good at just sneaking in an extra T-shirt, or jumper “just in case”.

This is why capsule wardrobes have never worked for me. I’m too focused on every eventuality. Packing for Wales in a couple of weeks is going to be a nightmare, I can already tell.


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