17 Apr

…in which we learn that not wearing a bra for an entire day is a wholly liberating experience.

Oh hey there, friends, colleagues and family members.

Welcome to today’s post where I casually discuss shunning my trusty over the shoulder boulder holder for the best part of 16 hours.

What did I learn?

Not a great deal.

It was nice to have an afternoon where I wasn’t concerned with readjusting a strap, or trying to secretly shuffle an underwire from one uncomfortable position to another slightly less uncomfortable position.

I imagine that the day would have been more tricky if I was the type to partake in any sort of swift movement (running) or had boobs that caused one a great deal of back pain due to their heft. As it stood, the only issue came about when walking through the freezer aisles at Sainsburys. You get my drift. I was prepared with a denim shirt over my t-shirt though, because for *some reason* I felt the public might be offended at the sight of erect nipples pressing through a shirt, despite it being a completely natural bodily response to the cold. Strange that my need to not offend seems to outweigh my choice to not wear a bra.

I’ve realised that going braless is…totally fine. It’s exceedingly comfy, and I imagine that It’s going to be something I do more of in the future. Within reason. Obviously. But, for the record, me telling you this doesn’t give you permission to ask on a day to day basis whether I’m wearing a matching set of underwear.

Because if the answer is yes, and I’m NOT wearing a bra, then everyone is going to get upset.

Also today, I learnt exactly what our car alarm sounds like, after getting locked inside said car, whilst the alarm went off for two continuous minutes whilst passers by peered in at me sinking lower and lower in the passenger seat. 


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