All In A Day’s Work.

16 Apr

On a day that I should have spent looking over some really important work, I have:

  • Questioned my choice of wearing double denim in public
  • Gone to a garden centre
  • Read 60% of the minutes from Mark Watson’s 27 Hour Show (you can find them HERE). I was actually rather amusing until all my data ran out, if I do say so myself.
  • Got a ticket for this year’s MTV Crashes Plymouth show. Always a risk before the line up is released, but it’s likely to be fairly good. If they announced that The Wombats/Bastille are playing, I am highly likely to lose my tiny mind. April, May, June and July are all looking really good for events (Derren Brown/Machfest/Watson’s DVD recording/MTV Crashes), so that’s something to really look forward to.
  • Watched the election debate and got a bit shouty on Twitter
  • Watched Inside No 9 and got a bit hot and stressed

Average day. Completely average.


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