Whip My Hair (Into Shape).

12 Apr

Every so often I get a little jolt of excitement when I learn that there’s a new hairstyle that I can learn how to do.

As you can tell, my life on the whole is pretty uneventful. Ahem. 

Once I stopped getting my hair cut short, I realised that there really were a wealth of opportunities when it comes to my barnet. First there were the beehives. Then came the French plaits that I’m still trying to get tidy and level. 

Now it’s hair bows. 

The thrill of creating something that bore some vague resemblance to Christmas present wrapping on top of my head was ridiculous. By my reckoning, as soon as I’ve got a couple more inches grown, (which shouldn’t take long considering I’m already going to have to trim my fringe again tomorrow) I should be able to create something pretty interesting.

I’d also like to profess my love at this point for over the top flower crowns and hair scarves, but only the ones with wire running through them. They are (PRO TIP) extremely helpful for covering up natural root colour regrowth if you’re as lazy as I am when it comes to dying your hair.

Life update: Work was exceedingly quiet, Sia’s album is great.


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