4 Apr

Now, despite me assuring everyone that I’m not having a late one this evening, I have no idea how much I’m going to stick to my word, particularly as it’s the Saturday on a bank holiday. Hence why I’m writing this on the bus into town.

My life really is nothing but glamour.

I’m going for drinks at what might be the most awkward work “do” ever, as none of the lot I would usually head out with can make it this evening, so I am braving it alone. It’s ridiculous to be slightly nervous considering I’ve been at Boots for six years. It’s great to know that social anxiety isn’t dead. I also seem to have dressed for a job interview at a social media start-up as opposed to a night out, so my scintillating conversation is going to have to be the thing that carries me through. At least I don’t have to see anyone until next Sunday if it all goes terribly wrong.


So...what do you think?

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