Up Periscope.

2 Apr

A few tidbits to share with you today.

1. I got a free bus ride today, because “I won’t be able to give you any change, so just go sit down”. Very nice. I did have a momentary panic when I realised that I was buggered if a ticket inspector got on the bus. They didn’t. Everything was fine.

2. Work was good. One more day in and then I’m off for a week. *fist pump*

3. The MachFest programme got released! That meant I could finally talk about which venue I was managing this year (the Leisure Centre). Excitement among everyone is rapidly building.

4. I discovered Periscope. IT IS WEIRD. It is people just live streaming bits of their day. I decided to do a 12 minute broadcast of me just talking to myself. Six strangers watched it. They refused to interact, so I have no idea what they actually thought of it.

5. Tonight’s episode of Inside No 9 was extraordinary. It might be the closest thing to a perfect piece of television I’ve ever seen. NO SPOILERS. Just go and watch it, because you will honestly regret it if you don’t.


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