27 Mar

So the good news is that about 97% of the 500 odd gigs of data that was on my hard drive has been recovered. Hurrah. (Let’s not assume that the lost 3% of stuff will be the actual things I needed.)

The bad news is that I have to wait until the end of next week to pick it up, because I’m working every day until Friday, like someone with a proper job.   Yes, I could go in early and pick up just my hard drive and then wait to collect my laptop, but I’d rather do it all in the same day, mostly because my computer won’t fit into my work locker, the 17″ behemoth that it is. 

I’ve been laptopless (sounds rude. Isn’t.) for a couple of months at this point, so one more week really isn’t going to make any difference.

Time not spent today fielding questions about data was given over to mostly eating biscuits and fiddling with my Xbox. Bioshock Infinite is excellent. Strong female characters are great, and Elizabeth (so far) is awesome. This is why Games With Gold is such a great concept – it offers the chance to try out games you ordinarily wouldn’t, and if you don’t like them (The Witcher 2, I’m looking at you here.) then you’ve only wasted a couple of hours to download them, rather than £30 to be disappointed. Also, next month we get four games as opposed to the usual two, so that’s exciting.

💻 🎮 👍


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