Nottingham. (I Ain’t Got Puns, Hun.)

24 Mar

Well today has been weird and nice. It’s going to take a bit of explaining so do bear with me.

At this very moment, I should be fast asleep because I should be getting up at 6am tomorrow to prep for my big grad scheme interview. Except it’s been cancelled because they don’t have any available assessors. And I didn’t find this out until I was on the train to Nottingham. 

Very convenient.

This has meant that I’ve spent the night in a hotel room in Nottingham not really doing much, except revelling in my two beds in one room situation. I do currently have five pillows propped up on the double bed though, so that’s nice. It also means I’ve got the whole of tomorrow in Nottingham to amuse myself. But I don’t have a second change of clothes, so I’m going to be in my interview dress and blazer, which is kind of impractical, but I could certainly be doing a lot worse.

Tonight’s been HILARIOUS on Twitter though, with lots of M&S Pants Chat, as well as discussing knitwear with the team behind BBC Three’s Killer Magic. 

At least I can get a decent night’s sleep tonight and then get the lay of the Nottingham land tomorrow afternoon before heading back home on the train to return at some point next month for my actual interview. At least my presentation looks charming in all its handwritten and hand glued glory.


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