Home A-Loner.

21 Mar

Can we just quickly discuss (it’s going to be very one sided, I warn you) how expensive train tickets are, even with railcards?

I have to go to Nottingham next week. A return fare is costing me £155.05. THAT. IS. INSANE.

I swear it cost me less in the past to go to Edinburgh, and that is at the other end of the UK, in a different bloody country. (And I’ve actually just checked right now, for shits and giggles. For the same dates and times it IS cheaper to go to Scotland.) How do they work that pricing out? How does that make sense? Damn you train fares. *shakes fist*

Anyway. Rant over (for the moment). Mum and Dad went to Salisbury today. I did not. I spent my day doing not a lot, except for looking over and preparing things for next week and having a really nice mid afternoon nap on the sofa which was unexpected but extremely pleasant.

When I get a full time job, I am going to miss afternoon naps, and morning lie-ins so much.


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