Day To Do.

18 Mar

What a productive day I’ve had. (To be fair, this is in comparison to most days when I roll out of bed at 10:20 and just sit on the sofa until it’s socially acceptable to go back to my room.)

Today it’s been a case of getting my laptop seen to, booking a dentist’s appointment and going to the theatre.

So, nice Tom at the Apple store (I don’t know if there is another Tom that works there, but the one who dealt with me was lovely) say down with me as in pouted over my slightly broken Macbook. It’s had the full stop key put back on more than a year after it first popped off, and the absolutely ragged cable has been replaced. So that’s good. What’s less good is the fact that there seems to be an issue with the hard drive (which is a problem that may sound familiar to anyone who read my blog before April 2012). I could cry. They tried to do three system diagnostic tests this afternoon and my laptop was having absolutely none of it. I might as well have set myself up on a towel next to the sea with the amount of beach balls that were staring back at me from the screen. I’m going back tomorrow to try and get what I can off the hard drive before my computer has to be wiped and restored to something that functions better than just a brick inside an aluminium case.

Once I’d dropped my computer in for fixing, I popped back home for lunch then headed to the dentist to book an appointment. I can safely say that I have not been to get the health of my teeth checked since 2010. That’s embarassing. Seriously. The only reason that I can narrow it down to that year is because the contact telephone number they had for me was my old mobile number which I’ve not used since getting the one I currently use. I look forward to being told that my teeth are awful on April the 2nd. You should all put that date in  your diary as I’m sure the hygienist will remind me how “abnormally small” my mouth is, or have another comment to make.

And then when I was done with all of that, it was a case of meeting Mum in town for dinner at Bella Italia with a 25% off voucher. If anyone dares to tell me that we don’t know how to spoil each other then I will be very offended. BUT THAT WAS NOT ALL. We then went to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong by Mischief Theatre.

OH MY GOD. My sides still hurt from laughing so much. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it for you when you inevitably take my suggestion (nay demand) that you go and see the show. Let’s just say that I have never regretted my surname more, and my VoiceOver recording sessions that descended into ridiculousness came back to haunt me. The only downside was that the theatre wasn’t packed out. It was maybe 1/4 full, and the production deserved so many more people to be watching it. To be fair though, I think my laughter was probably equal to that of about 10 people, so I’m hoping that the cast weren’t too despondent about the lack of faces gawking back at them from the stalls.

The play is on at the Theatre Royal until Saturday, when it continues its tour round the UK. Just go see it. Thank you.


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