Face Up To It.

17 Mar

A face for radio. 

A face for hats that make me look like a low budget cosplay version of Carmen Sandiego.

(Where in the world was I? Sat outside a police station. No, I was not in trouble. Yes, I need to invest in a lint roller.)

 A face that twice this week has had me pegged at 19 or younger. I mean, I think I should take these cases of mistaken agentity as a positive, but I definitely do not look like I should be in Sixth Form. Not do I have the fresh features of a first year university student whose only real concerns were if they would find a sofa in their SU bar to sit on at lunchtime.

Those were simpler times. Those were good times. Those were times when your day didn’t involve sitting in coffee shops writing notes for a presentation that will determine the path your life takes for the next two years.

Those were the times, and now all I have is a ruddy paywall.


So...what do you think?

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