Apple Of My Eye.

12 Mar

I’ve spent the majority of my day going back over things from my past.

You may ask why. You may not ask why. I’m going to tell you anyway.

Basically, updating my laptop to Yosemite absolutely buggered it, so I’m desperately trying to do a Time Machine backup of all my stuff before the Apple geniuses hopefully fix everything next week.

At the same time, my phone decided that it would be a really good time to do the wonderful thing of deleting all my contacts. BRILLIANT. This means I’ve gone through a heck of a lot of text messages from the last four or five years playing a big game of guess who. It’s been extremely enlightening in terms of the discussions I’ve had with certain people. There have also definitely been some people who I’ve quietly lost to the past. Ahem.

I’m not the type to do the awkward “I HAVE LOST EVERYBODY’S PHONE NUMBERS SO PLEASE CAN YOU TEXT ME AND REMIND ME THAT I AM POPULAR?” Posts on Facebook and Twitter, because I find them annoying and I am not one to be a sheep. That being said, if you know we’ve not texted for a while, do feel free to drop me a message. I’ll get you all back once my computer’s fixed anyway!


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