The Cryptic Factor.

6 Mar

I can’t tell you about the thing I want to tell you all about, so I shall tell you instead about the absolutely magnificent sandwich I had for lunch.

(It was particularly good because I ran all the errands I had to in the space of an hour, including going to the bank and speaking to an actual person to sort out finance things like a grown up.)

This particular sandwich was a thing of beauty. Just look:

Yes, I am one of those arseholes that takes pictures of their good but I refuse to apologise when we eat mostly with our eyes.

What you’re witnessing there is chicken, crispy bacon and avocado on crusty bread. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that it’s taken me until the age of 24 to eat avocado in a non-guacamole format but it’s…fine. Not awful. Good with mayonnaise and lots of meat. That is a thing I can 100% vouch for.

You thought you’d found a blog that didn’t reference the 27 Hour Show for a moment, didn’t you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WRONG. UNLUCKY.

What I wanted to briefly mention were some bits of artwork that the ridiculously talented Pei Yen created during the actual show. You can see them all HERE. They’re adorable, and spot on, and just brilliant. So much so that I’ve bought a few myself and will be framing them upon arrival. What’s even more amazing is that despite the fact she’s sending them from Malaysia, all of the money from the sales is going to Comic Relief. I’ve no idea what postage rates to the UK from Malaysia are, but even so, that’s incredibly generous and she should be commended highly.


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