Laughing Out Loud.

4 Mar

Does anyone know if there are such things as laughter elocution lessons? 

Only, the more footage I watch from the weekend (and believe me, there’s 27 hours of the stuff to sift through, so it’s quite time consuming), the more I realise just how awful mine is.

It’s difficult to explain, but if you’ve heard it in real life, or listened to one of the many podcast recordings I’ve attended, you’ll know just how musical and shrill it is. It’ll cut through any sort of generic laughter no matter how low down in the mix you attempt to put it. 

It’s odd though, that’s my “live comedy” laugh. I’ve got other laughs for different occasions, but nothing seems to leap out quite like the unexpected “oh, a comedian or similarly amusing person has done something funny that I am paying for the privilege to listen to and watch, I had better let them audibly know that I am having a gay old time” laugh.

And yes, comedians will tell you that an unusual or loud laugh is always better than a silent laugh, or a mouth that simply turns up slightly at the sides come a punchline, but surely, SURELY it must get on your nerves when it’s a laugh that is seemingly inhuman?

This is why I avoid using the phrase “I make myself laugh”, because if I legitimately did, I think I would drive myself mad.


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