Enter Sandman.

2 Mar

I have never claimed to be good at science, but even my limited knowledge of how the human body works cannot explain why I am more tired today than I was yesterday.

It’s so strange. 

The brightness and breeziness I felt waking up on Sunday was replaced this morning with the feeling of a goat (well, it’s the animal of the moment) shitting in my brain then running off guiltily.

When I’ve not been in an Uber, cursing roadworks and traffic lights for almost making me miss my bus home, I’ve been drifting in and out of fairly uneventful sleep. Heck, even after dinner tonight I came upstairs and slept for three hours because it was too much for my eyes to focus on anything. 

There was an hour of so after I got picked up by my parents that I felt pretty good, and I took that opportunity to watch some of the videos from the 27 Hour Show. It’s really weird, because it feels like the actual show was weeks ago. Seriously. I can’t quite get my head around the fact it was Saturday night that it finished. My thighs are pretty certain that it happened recently too, and the “best of” video Comic Relief put together has a lovely clip where you can clearly see me regretting every life choice that took me to doing squats on stage at that moment.


Lovely stuff. Lovely, money raising, life saving fun.

Fingers crossed that the marathon show fun isn’t quite over yet either. 


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