Well That Happened.

1 Mar

Goats. Benders. Brioche. Dogs. Tattoos. Comedians. Laughter. Confusion. Toilet Rolls. Squats. Butter. 

I think all of us who were at Mark’s 27 Hour Show are a bit broken today. Some physically, most mentally. 

(I’m currently suffering from fairly painful thighs thanks to the squats a fitness instructor made us do at…some point. Maybe in the last 8 or so hours? I have absolutely no concept of time when in came to what happened.)

It was absolutely brilliant, I’m just gutted that the data on my phone ran out, meaning that I couldn’t keep up with the Chortle live blog. I really enjoyed the time that I did manage to post updates, and hope that those of you that got to see them enjoyed them as well.

Today is a day for reflection and unpicking what was real, and what I might have imagined. I’m almost certain that everything I think happened did. Including an hour where we played Animal Verb with Stuart Goldsmith. 

It was an utterly ridiculous event, and one that I’m so glad that I didn’t miss. I wouldn’t have done it for anyone except Mark, and I’m pretty sure that nobody else would have either.


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